zSpace is an exciting new technology that brings a hands-on experience to the classroom using holographic, stereoscopic 3D.  Students put on 3D glasses and are immersed in a 3D environment that tracks their head movement to create a customized, interactive experience.  They can also use a stylus to pick up, rotate, resize, dissect and explore many objects from volcanoes to dinosaurs, atoms, historical artifacts and more.  Students can essentially enter their own lab and interact with virtual manipulatives they may not be able to encounter in the real world.  The possibilities for zSpace are phenomenal, and their new developments are equally exciting.

zSpace announced some interesting developments at ISTE (June 2015) that will take the zSpace experience to the next level.  Already being used in K-12 classrooms, medical and nursing schools, colleges, universities, and corporations, zSpace is expanding its offerings with new hardware and software options.

zSpace 300 All-in-One Station for K-12, university, and corporate

zSpace 300 All-in-One


New Hardware:  

The All-in-one zSpace Station, zSpace 300

  • PC and Display in one unit
  • Touchscreen
  • Better portability
  • No connecting, just plug and go
  • Same great interface and experience


New zSpace Programs and Program Features

In addition to zSpace’s immensely popular programs, a few stunning new programs have been made available for purchase that increase their breadth of diverse offerings.

  • zSpace Studio 2015 – over 600 models, providing prepared activities in all sciences and history
  • zSpace Newton’s Park 2015 for building and running physics experiments
  • zSpace Franklin’s Lab 2015 – the properties of electricity understood through building circuits
  • CyberScience 3D 2015 Edition for detailed exploration and dissection of frog anatomy to the fluorine atom
  • zView – Premium Software to connect your zSpace with a TV, PC, Mac, Smart Board, Promethean Board, Clear Touch Interactive Panel, or Projector, to show zSpace in Augmented Reality and to share in real time with an audience.
  • CyberAnatomy — used in Medical and Nursing Programs in higher education and K-12 to learn anatomy in virtual reality using stereoscopic 3D.
  • Corinth – Engage younger students in investigation of animals, geology, and movement patterns
  • Eureka.in by DesignMate– 3D Content for Science and Math
  • Leopoly – 3D Catalog and Modeling

zSpace now connects students to all areas of the curriculum, including Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, and the Social Sciences, Design, Modeling, Engineering and Art.

zSpace in curriculum physical science life science space science social studies art math design modeling graphic

Looking for a way to implement zSpace into your curriculum? This easy chart gives you a quick glimpse.


Lesson Plans and Standards Alignment

For all applications in the zSpace Education Package, zSpace provides lesson plans and standards aligned activities.  A full scope and sequence can be found here



A zSpace lab package is typically twelve zSpace systems. Each All-In-One zSpace system includes:

  • zSpace head tracked stereo display technology
  • Intel i3-4370
  • AMD FirePro 5170 GPU
  • WiFi: NAC + BT
  • 24” HD Display (1920×1080)
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 512 GB HDD
  • Touchscreen
  • zSpace Stylus
  • zSpace Eyewear (Passive Stereo glasses, clip-ons, and 2D conversion glasses for partner-use)
  • Mouse and Keyboard
  • Webcam
  • Windows 8.1


Katz Computer Service is an authorized reseller of zSpace.

We would love to speak with you

  • About the new zSpace 300 hardware
  • About the new zSpace Applications for existing and new customers
  • To schedule a zSpace demonstration
  • To offer you information about Professional Development
  • To help you learn how to integrate zSpace into your curriculum
  • About using zSpace with 3D printing and Interactive Board

Contact us to speak to a specialist.

Nicole Aitken, Account Executive

Katz Computer Service  7/13/15

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Ever wonder what happens inside a computer company?

Well, here is your chance to find out.

Katz Computer Service, Inc. is offering you a sneak peak at how we do business and what we are all about.

Here at Katz, we like to think the customer comes first, I know you have probably heard that before…and been really disappointed in some cases! But not here.

We have been in business since 1987 and are looking forward to many more years. Starting out small with just a few staff members, we have grown into a solid organization capable of handling large-scale projects, yet retaining our mindset of providing customized care with a personal-touch.Serving all of Palm Beach County School District and Saint Lucie County School District with installs and service repairs.

“No project is too large or too small for our staff.  We pay attention to detail and listen to our customers which makes all of our deployments a success” –Tiffany Maglio (Operations Manager)

But that is not all that we do…

We are also an Authorized reseller of some of the most advanced technologies to date.

zSpace is an “immersive learning experience” that allows you explore the human and animal anatomy’s with Cyberscience 3-D, understand force and motion with Newton Park and you can do this all while in 3-D without the nasty smell of formaldehyde.

“It’s truly amazing what zSpace is capable of.  zSpace is a game changer, not only in education, but in the way we will interface with computers in the future.“– Nicole Aitken (Account Executive)

Stratasys 3-D Printers are also one of our specialties, many times an ordinary printer will just not work… you need to have that physical product. We here at Katz understand the need to have a physical product that is going to be what you need. That’s why we sell Stratasys 3-D printers

The last thing I want to mention (in my opinion is certainly the best) Control 4. What is that you may ask…? Control 4 is a smart home security system, it does everything you could want it to. It dims the light, turns the entertainment system on and also allows you to monitor your home while you are away.

All in all Katz Computer Service is more than just a Doctor for your sick computer it’s a place where technology is explored, identified and handled with care.

Written by Jonnie Dee Izzo (Katz Computer Service, Inc.)

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