As a Dell Preferred Partner, we are pleased to offer you new solutions and products.  Below are 5 things you should know about Dell’s Enterprise Solutions.
#1 Find the right converged solution to fit your needs

Dell has one of the most complete converged portfolios—from converged infrastructure and reference architectures to hyper‐converged solutions—so you can find the right solution for any requirement and get on the path to a software‐defined data center. Want to get started? Click on this animation or download our free eBrochure.  You can also visit this infographic to download it in a high quality .pdf

#2 Dell’s innovative approach to data center networking

In Gartner’s recent networking magic quadrant, Dell lands among the top-four players in the industry. With our standards-based approach to open networking, customers are able to customize their networking solution to fit business needs.

#3 Your ROI (Return on Investment) when migrating to Dell PowerEdge Servers

Customers see ROI savings by migrating off legacy servers.  Want to calculate your Return on Investment for migrating onto new Dell PowerEdge servers?  Visit the free Dell PowerEdge ROI Calculator. This estimation tool lets you compare legacy Dell and competitor servers to current Dell retail rack, tower and blade servers. An onscreen summary or free downloadable report provides a variety of savings estimates including: power, data center real estate, usage and migration.

#4 Our vision around NFV and SDN solutions

NFV solutions from Dell have arrived, and they are future ready. Check out this blog and video, featuring Arpit Joshipura, Vice President, Dell Networking, on the strategies for integrating SDN and NFV and the steps to prepare.

Our history is delivering transformation to the telecom space. This video shows how our advances in the data center will boost the NFV ecosystem.

#5 The new high-capacity PS6610 arrays and enhanced software

Manage data growth and improve performance with the new Dell Storage PS6610 Series. The PS6610 offers 3.5x capacity and up to 7x performance improvements. New software features are now also available for EqualLogic customers, including new FluidFS functionality.

This spec sheet will give you a good start.

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Many people think the level of security they have in their homes and on their personal and work devices is enough. Others assume their information isn’t valuable to cyber criminals, so they don’t take action to secure it. What is your information worth to criminals? Millions each year.

Click below to see a great visual created by Brian Krebs of

Learn the value of your username, passwords, email account, virtual goods, server, identity, and financial information in the hands of criminals to create Botnets, Ransom requests, and more. Be aware and take the measures you need to protect your valuable information.


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Ensure that people are assets, not liabilities when it comes to IT security. Did you know
that up to 70% of IT security breaches can be attributed to human elements?

Katz Computer Service and Dell can help you explore how your organization can address “The Human Side of IT Security“ and create a culture of security that aligns people, technology and process.

Take a look at this infographic to learn the common pitfalls and learn what organizations can do to minimize risk.

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