zSpace Applications

zSpace applications support teaching a wide range of learning objectives and bring the magic of zSpace to different careers and industries. From learning genetics in zSpace Studio to examining human body systems in Human Anatomy Atlas to practicing welding in WaveNG, there’s something for everyone in zSpace.

zSpace Studio is a rich model exploration and presentation tool that allows students to compare, dissect, analyze, measure, annotate thousands of 3D models from the zSpace Model Gallery.

Curie’s Elements allows students to explore a periodic table with Bohr and atomic models for each element. Students can also build elements by adding protons, neutrons, and electrons.

Newton’s Park allows students to run or create their own experiments to deepen their knowledge of Newtonian Mechanics. Students can build simulations while interacting with data.

Geogebra allows students to better engage in math concepts related to three-dimensional topics. Students can explore functions, geometry, algebra, calculus, and 3D math.

zSpace Experiences include experiential-based simulations of Earth, Life, and Physical Science topics allowing students to manipulate content while learning abstract concepts.

Unity Programming helps educators teach zSpace application development. This toolkit provides a robust teaching environment and encourages students to develop interactive applications.

VIVED Chemistry includes 115 activities and simulations to support physical science and chemistry instruction – from an atom building and molecule viewer to a reaction lab.

VIVED Volume is a tool for viewing and manipulating medical imaging scans (DICOM) on zSpace. Users can explore demo volumes or create new volumes from their DICOM libraries.

Human Anatomy Atlas by Visible Body is an award-winning human anatomy general reference. Students can explore human body systems, over 4,600 anatomical structures, and more!

VR Automotive Mechanic by GTAFE lets students practice assembly and disassembly within a virtual mechanic shop where safety is guaranteed and practice can be repeated

Leopoly introduces students to the world of 3D creation by helping them create, customize, and prepare digital objects for 3D printing.

Franklin’s Lab guides students through electricity concepts and troubleshooting faulty circuits. Students can follow guided activities and repair broken switches and motors in Workbench mode.

Euclid’s Shapes offers activities with math manipulatives and provides teachers with a guide to math learning. Students learn with Base-10 blocks, Square Tiles, Fraction Bars, and more!

Labster true to life lab experiments for high school students designed to support Physical Science and Physics instruction.

Wave NG by Mimbus provides students with hands-on training in welding gestures, MAG and MMA, through a series of exercises performed with a handheld welding simulator.

Tinkercad is an online 3D design and printing site that will allow you to import models directly to zSpace Studio. In zSpace Studio, you can add other models to create a scene and record a video.

VIVED Science is a comprehensive package of detailed interactive dissection experiences focused on learning and exploring Human Anatomy, Botany, Zoology, Earth Science, Microbiology, and more!

VIVED Anatomy is a high quality interactive software for learning anatomy in 3D.  It enables users to view the human body and perceive spatial relationships like never before.

Virtual ECG by Vizitech allows students to practice ECG electrode placement, understand the relationship between electrode placement and the ECG strip, and study abnormal ECGs.

VR Automotive Expert by GTAFE is a 3D interactive study guide for automotive training. Detailed text and simulations allow students to engage with the content to deepen understanding.

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