Clear Touch 7000X Series

Meet the business panel that meets the needs of corporate and government agencies.  The 7000X series is available in 55″ or 65″ screen sizes – multiple panels can also be combined to create a larger collaboration environment.

Crystal Clear 4K Display
Zoom with no blur

Low Friction Glass
Creates a smooth, hardened surface that is easy to write on

Smaller air gap between the class and touch interface
Results in better touch experience and less change of screen yellowing over time

Low total system latency
Only milliseconds between command and response

20 points of touch
Multiple users can collaborate at once

PCAP design
Allows for sleek, flat edges and capacitive touch

Multiple Pressure Sensitivity
Panel has the ability to detect pressure and react with thicker or thinner lines

Service and support
Same great quality, support, and warranty options that Clear Touch is known for

  • Simple
    Chorus is the all-in-one business software your clients need.  Access a whiteboard for ideation sessions, connect to your favorite conferencing tool, pull up a webcam, open and navigate in multiple browsers at once, and stream content on the board from multiple users at one time.
  • Connected
    Allows multiple device connections, including Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, onsite and offsite/  Individual presentation pieces can be saved, printed or emailed to users.
  • Versatile
    Allows you to access conference tools through plugins so you can keep using your favorite programs.
  • Secure
    Presentations can be streamed on the panel through a password protected wireless connection so information stays in the proper hands.

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