Clear Touch

Interact Differently and Say Goodbye to Projectors with Clear Touch Interactive Panels


Clear Touch Interactive Board

Clear Touch Interactive Panels are the perfect presentation, navigation and collaboration solution for conference rooms, auditoriums, sports arenas, classrooms, businesses, agencies, sales and homes.


Looking for a good solution to your current board/projector combination?

More cost-effective than traditional boards, schools and businesses are able to install Clear Touch Interactive Panels in Media Centers, Conference Rooms, Sports Facilities, Auditoriums and Classrooms.  Clear Touch boards are available in a range of sizes and can be hung on the wall or transported on movable stands, some of which rotate to allow the Clear Touch board to be used as an activity table!

Clear Touch has a crisp, clear screen with 50,000 hours of screen time, and unlike the commonly used classroom boards requires no expensive bulbs, complicated cabling, or calibration.  Clear Touch runs on the Android platform and is able to be changed with the touch of a finger…or ten!  It’s a true plug and play device, is able to be outfitted with an optional PC, and is capable of input from your favorite handheld devices, USB drives, computers, and more.

Are you picturing a giant tablet hung on your wall?  Clear Touch Interactive Panels are that and more!

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clear touch on motorized movable stand