Classrooms are starting to look a little different than they did when we were kids.  Straight rows of desks are disappearing in favor of flexible classroom arrangements and technology is creeping into everyday classroom use.  Does this scare you?  Don’t let it.  Technology can be put to use for you to help accomplish your teaching and learning goals.

Intelligent teachers are creating “Intelligent classrooms,” which essentially put technology to work for you to improve teaching and learning. *

Each Intelligent Classroom can and should look different, based on the needs of the class and the resources available to work with.  Intelligent Classrooms usually feature:

  • Tablets
  • Smart Phones
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Projectors
  • Smart Boards
  • Televisions
  • Internet access
  • Flexible seating

Some essentials you will need to begin creating an Intelligent Classroom:

  1. Create a flexible classroom environment that can be easily changed. Move around the room during the day to get students in different groupings: pairs, small groups, whole groups, circles, rows, standing and moving, you name it.  Break out of the box of lecturing and get the students actively involved in their learning.
  2. Have students use the devices they are comfortable with (“bring your own device”) This one can be scary, but is being adopted by many schools and districts, even as low as K-5. A school that implements this well is Shiloh Point Elementary School in Forsyth County. Visit this site to review an excellent list of ways to implement BYOT into your classroom setting and across the curriculum.
  3. Don’t focus on using tech to teach, put the tech in the hands of the students to help them learn. Technology can’t just be in the hands of teachers to use as a demonstration tool.  Let the kids use the tech for learning.  With a little encouragement and guidance your classroom will begin to have different discussions and outcomes.
  4. Encourage students to use the tech in their problem solving throughout the school day, and if possible at home. Your students will amaze you with their knowledge of how to use tech to solve their problems.  Let them implement technology in project creation, group discussions, and assignments and you will be amazed what they come up with.
  5. Create an environment with technological variety. Try to get as many tools into your students’ hands as possible. Also, don’t be afraid of using new kinds of tech.  Assign students to learn and teach new technology…you don’t have to be proficient in all of them.
  6. Offer opportunity for students to display their work and share resources and have many inputs that accommodate a number of devices. Our favorite is the Clear Touch interactive board, which is essentially like a large tablet on the wall with multiple inputs, touch screen and a built in PC.  Find out more here.
  7. Learn to communicate using the media and methods your students and parents use. If it’s more efficient to text, text.  If your families use social media, become familiar with it.  Most importantly, ask what they are using and meet them where they are.   Professional communication, following the guidelines of your administration, is always appreciated.
  8. Create a task force that seeks out new tech: There are many free apps, and programs for use in education.  Get out there!  A small group of parents, teachers or students can spend just a few minutes a day to research and download new tech and programs.  Believe me, it pays to take the time to stay current and on the pulse of what other schools, businesses and industries use!
  9. Gradually upgrade. Enlist parents and community members to help you acquire newer versions of tech that is useful to you. It doesn’t have to be the latest model, as long as it’s newer than what you have you will constantly be improving your collection.  If money is tight, look for parents or businesses who may be able to donate items to you as they upgrade.
  10. Connect with other technology-rich communities Todd LaVogue of Duncan Middle School in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, is a great source of information and has a wonderful teaching model. Many companies reach out to him to do beta testing for their programs. He also communicates regularly with a sister school in another country, and has his students involved daily creating apps, creating a website for kids to share teaching videos they have created, and more!  Find out more about Mr. LaVogue and his innovative teaching and learning environment.

The main idea of creating an Intelligent Classroom is to make use of the resources you have to accommodate the community you have.  This is not a one size fits all:  You should customize your space to meet your group’s needs.  Don’t be afraid to get a community of support together and get going…technology moves fast, but we can move faster!

*“The ‘Intelligent Classroom’: changing teaching and learning with an evolving technological environment,” Laura R. Winer .

These starting points were compiled from visits to some excellent schools.  Katz Computer Service is a reseller for really fantastic educational tech, like zSpace, Clear Touch Interactive, MakerBot and Stratasys.  In these visits to schools we are able to spy on what the brightest and best are doing and accomplishing in their classrooms.  This infographic helps you put all of these ideas together to get started in creating your own Intelligent Classroom.  Little by little, just get started.

This article and infographic were prepared by Nicole Aitken, Katz Computer Service Account Executive.  Nicole Aitken has a Master’s in Education with a specialization in Instructional Technology.  She is a graduate of the ProTeach Program at the University of Florida.  Her passion is integrating technology effectively into curriculum and allowing kids to use tech as tools, not strictly teacher presentation devices.

Intelligent Classrooms Infographic by Nicole Aitken

zSpace is an exciting new technology that brings a hands-on experience to the classroom using holographic, stereoscopic 3D.  Students put on 3D glasses and are immersed in a 3D environment that tracks their head movement to create a customized, interactive experience.  They can also use a stylus to pick up, rotate, resize, dissect and explore many objects from volcanoes to dinosaurs, atoms, historical artifacts and more.  Students can essentially enter their own lab and interact with virtual manipulatives they may not be able to encounter in the real world.  The possibilities for zSpace are phenomenal, and their new developments are equally exciting.

zSpace announced some interesting developments at ISTE (June 2015) that will take the zSpace experience to the next level.  Already being used in K-12 classrooms, medical and nursing schools, colleges, universities, and corporations, zSpace is expanding its offerings with new hardware and software options.

zSpace 300 All-in-One Station for K-12, university, and corporate

zSpace 300 All-in-One


New Hardware:  

The All-in-one zSpace Station, zSpace 300

  • PC and Display in one unit
  • Touchscreen
  • Better portability
  • No connecting, just plug and go
  • Same great interface and experience


New zSpace Programs and Program Features

In addition to zSpace’s immensely popular programs, a few stunning new programs have been made available for purchase that increase their breadth of diverse offerings.

  • zSpace Studio 2015 – over 600 models, providing prepared activities in all sciences and history
  • zSpace Newton’s Park 2015 for building and running physics experiments
  • zSpace Franklin’s Lab 2015 – the properties of electricity understood through building circuits
  • CyberScience 3D 2015 Edition for detailed exploration and dissection of frog anatomy to the fluorine atom
  • zView – Premium Software to connect your zSpace with a TV, PC, Mac, Smart Board, Promethean Board, Clear Touch Interactive Panel, or Projector, to show zSpace in Augmented Reality and to share in real time with an audience.
  • CyberAnatomy — used in Medical and Nursing Programs in higher education and K-12 to learn anatomy in virtual reality using stereoscopic 3D.
  • Corinth – Engage younger students in investigation of animals, geology, and movement patterns
  • by DesignMate– 3D Content for Science and Math
  • Leopoly – 3D Catalog and Modeling

zSpace now connects students to all areas of the curriculum, including Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, and the Social Sciences, Design, Modeling, Engineering and Art.

zSpace in curriculum physical science life science space science social studies art math design modeling graphic

Looking for a way to implement zSpace into your curriculum? This easy chart gives you a quick glimpse.


Lesson Plans and Standards Alignment

For all applications in the zSpace Education Package, zSpace provides lesson plans and standards aligned activities.  A full scope and sequence can be found here



A zSpace lab package is typically twelve zSpace systems. Each All-In-One zSpace system includes:

  • zSpace head tracked stereo display technology
  • Intel i3-4370
  • AMD FirePro 5170 GPU
  • WiFi: NAC + BT
  • 24” HD Display (1920×1080)
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 512 GB HDD
  • Touchscreen
  • zSpace Stylus
  • zSpace Eyewear (Passive Stereo glasses, clip-ons, and 2D conversion glasses for partner-use)
  • Mouse and Keyboard
  • Webcam
  • Windows 8.1


Katz Computer Service is an authorized reseller of zSpace.

We would love to speak with you

  • About the new zSpace 300 hardware
  • About the new zSpace Applications for existing and new customers
  • To schedule a zSpace demonstration
  • To offer you information about Professional Development
  • To help you learn how to integrate zSpace into your curriculum
  • About using zSpace with 3D printing and Interactive Board

Contact us to speak to a specialist.

Nicole Aitken, Account Executive

Katz Computer Service  7/13/15

We love to share important resources with you, especially when they save you valuable work time.  Hubspot is a great resource for small businesses for marketing and productivity.  Check out these infographics they created to show you some time-saving shortcut keys in Gmail and Outlook (Apple Mail also available).  We bet you’ll want to share them with a friend (after you print them out to put them next to your computer).

25 Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Created by Cambria Davies | @


You can find the original article on HubSpot’s website here


25 Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts


You can find the original here


Looking for Apple Mail Shortcuts?  Visit this link.

We’d love to know if these work for you.  Do you have any time-saving tips you can teach us?  We love a good life hack.

As a Dell Preferred Partner, we are pleased to offer you new solutions and products.  Below are 5 things you should know about Dell’s Enterprise Solutions.
#1 Find the right converged solution to fit your needs

Dell has one of the most complete converged portfolios—from converged infrastructure and reference architectures to hyper‐converged solutions—so you can find the right solution for any requirement and get on the path to a software‐defined data center. Want to get started? Click on this animation or download our free eBrochure.  You can also visit this infographic to download it in a high quality .pdf

#2 Dell’s innovative approach to data center networking

In Gartner’s recent networking magic quadrant, Dell lands among the top-four players in the industry. With our standards-based approach to open networking, customers are able to customize their networking solution to fit business needs.

#3 Your ROI (Return on Investment) when migrating to Dell PowerEdge Servers

Customers see ROI savings by migrating off legacy servers.  Want to calculate your Return on Investment for migrating onto new Dell PowerEdge servers?  Visit the free Dell PowerEdge ROI Calculator. This estimation tool lets you compare legacy Dell and competitor servers to current Dell retail rack, tower and blade servers. An onscreen summary or free downloadable report provides a variety of savings estimates including: power, data center real estate, usage and migration.

#4 Our vision around NFV and SDN solutions

NFV solutions from Dell have arrived, and they are future ready. Check out this blog and video, featuring Arpit Joshipura, Vice President, Dell Networking, on the strategies for integrating SDN and NFV and the steps to prepare.

Our history is delivering transformation to the telecom space. This video shows how our advances in the data center will boost the NFV ecosystem.

#5 The new high-capacity PS6610 arrays and enhanced software

Manage data growth and improve performance with the new Dell Storage PS6610 Series. The PS6610 offers 3.5x capacity and up to 7x performance improvements. New software features are now also available for EqualLogic customers, including new FluidFS functionality.

This spec sheet will give you a good start.

Would you like to speak to a Katz Computer Service specialist to discuss your business’ needs?  What are the areas you need to focus on for your next budget cycle?

Many people think the level of security they have in their homes and on their personal and work devices is enough. Others assume their information isn’t valuable to cyber criminals, so they don’t take action to secure it. What is your information worth to criminals? Millions each year.

Click below to see a great visual created by Brian Krebs of

Learn the value of your username, passwords, email account, virtual goods, server, identity, and financial information in the hands of criminals to create Botnets, Ransom requests, and more. Be aware and take the measures you need to protect your valuable information.


If you would like more information or an assessment by the trained professionals at Katz Computer Service, please contact

This and other valuable information can be found at
This graphic was reproduced with permissions granted under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 license.

Ensure that people are assets, not liabilities when it comes to IT security. Did you know
that up to 70% of IT security breaches can be attributed to human elements?

Katz Computer Service and Dell can help you explore how your organization can address “The Human Side of IT Security“ and create a culture of security that aligns people, technology and process.

Take a look at this infographic to learn the common pitfalls and learn what organizations can do to minimize risk.

security viruses trojans spear phishing hack organization computer tech scam

For a larger version, open the .pdf link below.


How to find funds to get zSpace into your school or business

Have you fallen in love with zSpace, but are struggling to figure out how to get it into your school?  Often customers look to us for help finding funding solutions to put a zSpace lab into their school or business.  The following is a list of ideas we have compiled to help you get started.  There are more places to look for assistance than you may know!


elementary, middle, high, school, student, using, zspace, take apart, explore, dissect, touch, virtual, reality, cyberscience, marine, anatomy

6 year old using zSpace 3D technology to dissect a starfish.

Starting with a simple Google Search can get you a long way.  Start with simple terms like “STEM grant public school new york”.  Depending on the type of school you work for, you may be able to find quite a few grants to apply for.  I would suggest starting with a Google search for grants using search terms like “STEM grant public school” then adding in things about your school, for example if you have a high population of minority students, are a Title 1 school, are a private school, etc, you may be  able to find specific grants that suit the needs you are trying to meet.

You’ll be amazed at the number of grants you can apply for, from State and Government associations to corporations who want to see STEM skills and tech literacy fostered in schools.

Some links to get you started:

National Grants

The Big List of Educational Grants and Resources

If you begin writing a grant and need support, we can provide you with some written material you can plug into your existing grants to explain the functions of zSpace and its educational value.

zspace, 3d, technology, edtech, kids, science, learn, study, how to, help

In studies funded by the National Science Foundation there were 35% increases in spatial reasoning and 32% gains in retention in students who used zSpace to learn.

Crowd Funding

There are many website services available to begin reaching out to members of your community to help you fund projects.  Most charge a small percentage of monies collected.  Once you set up an account you can get the word out through newsletters, mailers, text and email blasts, automated phone calls and Social Media campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, Instragram and more.

For a great comparison of the Top Ten Crowdfunding Sites, visit

zspace, COE, UF, university of florida, gators, ed tech, technology, education, program, teachers, pro teach, gainesville

Imran, our Katz service manager, at a University of Florida College of Education zSpace showcase.

Business donations

Another way to reach out for support is to look into businesses in your own community.  Businesses who specialize in tech or scientific research often partner with local schools to help them enrich their resources. Companies of all kinds participate in charity work and donations within their communities and you may find it easy to find a company or companies who want to partner with your school.   Start with your parent base to see the companies your parents own or work for, then branch out to see the types of organizations they may be affiliated with.  Beyond parents, family members and friends of the school may also have great resources to connect you with.

cyber, science, 3D, dissection, virtual, vr, anatomy, machines, explore, immersive, experiment, classroom, different, instruction, ed tech, innovative

Nicole Aitken instructing other zSpace resellers how to use CyberScience at October Professional Development Training at zSpace Headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA.


Customers also find that leasing is a great option for them. There are two main outcomes:  Lease to own, or Lease to return the equipment.

Lease to own gives the customer the opportunity to get started with a lower initial cost and to be able to pay the total of the equipment over 2, 3 or 4 years rather than in one large sum.  Lease terms can be set in monthly or annual payments.

Lease to return allows customers to lease the equipment for a 2, 3 or 4 years, then return the equipment at the end of the term.  This allows customers to return the existing equipment and begin a lease on newer systems when the term is up.  This option is perfect for customers who want to be up on advancements.

fundraising, fundraisers, technology, how to, DIY, money, fund, school, afford, grant, help, ideas

A fundraising auction at Evangelical Christian Academy in Ft. Myers, Florida.

On-site Fundraisers and Events

We have participated in a number of STEM nights, Back to School gatherings, Open Houses, Fundraisers, Auctions, and awareness events.  Often there is a better “buy in” for supporting your fundraising efforts if your community can see zSpace in action.  From bake sales and spaghetti dinners to non-fundraising school events, we have been able to drum up support of community members who were able to see the value in experiencing virtual reality, 3D hands-on learning for themselves.  We’ve seen anonymous donors fund projects or volunteers step up to lead campaigns after participating in these events.  If you choose the right event and make it a point to invite the most influential, connected or motivated people you know, it becomes easier to get the ball rolling and gain support.

–Nicole Aitken, March 17, 2015

control 4 automated home business house phone ipad computer away reseller contact us support install how do i DIY

Control 4 Allows You to Create Smart Homes and Businesses, controlled onsite or remotely with your favorite device.

Control 4

There was a movie made by Disney in 1999, called Smart House. It was the story of a teenager who won a Smart House for his family to live in. Back then, smart houses seemed to be as possible as a flying cars, but here we are in 2014…and guess what… We don’t have the flying cars! But the Smart House has been made possible by a company called Control 4.

Control 4 was founded in Salt Lake City (2003) and has been growing ever since. Control 4 has over 2,200 distributors in 73 countries and Katz Computer Service is one.

With the increasing reliance on Smartphones and Technology in general, it pays to understand what Control 4 can do to help you lower your costs and also be more Green. Control 4 is a system that you can completely customize to fit the needs of your business and home.

You may want to focus on being energy-efficient and still have your house stay cool. I know that here in Florida we have times of the day when it feels as though our skin is going to melt off… but with Control 4 you can make your home stay cool without having to get up to adjust window treatments. Another great advantage is the Goodnight feature. You can set your home to be a certain way when you sleep, without having to leave the comfort of your bed. Parents can use the Intercom system to wake their children up and to also let them know when dinner is ready.  Control4 Wireless Music Bridge allows you to stream music from any device into any area of the house, without having to plug in a single device. Can you imagine having the ability to enter your home, swipe a personalized key fob, and have the house change itself to your unique settings?

The video below is just the beginning of things you can automate using Control 4.

With Control 4’s capability to adjust settings you are never locked into one way of setting scenes for your home.  You can program different scenes for morning, evening, summer, winter, anything to suit your day to day needs.  You can also program Control 4 to alternate lights and settings in your home while you’re away and you can check on your home remotely via your smartphone, tablet, or any internet-connected device.

Control 4 makes the possibilities almost endless. So feel free to take a peek and also visit our page. I promise you it’s like having your own Jarvis.

Control 4

Written by Jonnie Dee Izzo

Katz Computer Service, Jupiter, South, Florida, Computer, Tech, Laptop, Tablet, Mac, PC, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Repair, Service, Install, Purchase, Buy, zSpace, ClearTouch, Interactive, Smart, Board, 3D, Printer, Printing, technology, specialists, bestA Look Inside Your Favorite Local Tech Repair, Service & Installation Company

Ever wonder what happens inside a computer company?

Well, here is your chance to find out.

Katz Computer Service, Inc. is offering you a sneak peak at how we do business and what we are all about.

Here at Katz, we like to think the customer comes first, I know you have probably heard that before…and been really disappointed in some cases! But not here.

We have been in business since 1987 and are looking forward to many more years. Starting out small with just a few staff members, we have grown into a solid organization capable of handling large-scale projects, yet retaining our mindset of providing customized care with a personal-touch.Serving all of Palm Beach County School District and Saint Lucie County School District with installs and service repairs.

“No project is too large or too small for our staff.  We pay attention to detail and listen to our customers which makes all of our deployments a success” –Tiffany Maglio (Operations Manager)

But that is not all that we do…

We are also an Authorized reseller of some of the most advanced technologies to date.

zSpace is an “immersive learning experience” that allows you explore the human and animal anatomy’s with Cyberscience 3-D, understand force and motion with Newton Park and you can do this all while in 3-D without the nasty smell of formaldehyde.

“It’s truly amazing what zSpace is capable of.  zSpace is a game changer, not only in education, but in the way we will interface with computers in the future.“– Nicole Aitken (Account Executive)

Stratasys 3-D Printers are also one of our specialties, many times an ordinary printer will just not work… you need to have that physical product. We here at Katz understand the need to have a physical product that is going to be what you need. That’s why we sell Stratasys 3-D printers

The last thing I want to mention (in my opinion is certainly the best) Control 4. What is that you may ask…? Control 4 is a smart home security system, it does everything you could want it to. It dims the light, turns the entertainment system on and also allows you to monitor your home while you are away.

All in all Katz Computer Service is more than just a Doctor for your sick computer it’s a place where technology is explored, identified and handled with care.

Written by Jonnie Dee Izzo (Katz Computer Service, Inc.)

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