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Control 4 Allows You to Create Smart Homes and Businesses, controlled onsite or remotely with your favorite device.

Control 4

There was a movie made by Disney in 1999, called Smart House. It was the story of a teenager who won a Smart House for his family to live in. Back then, smart houses seemed to be as possible as a flying cars, but here we are in 2014…and guess what… We don’t have the flying cars! But the Smart House has been made possible by a company called Control 4.

Control 4 was founded in Salt Lake City (2003) and has been growing ever since. Control 4 has over 2,200 distributors in 73 countries and Katz Computer Service is one.

With the increasing reliance on Smartphones and Technology in general, it pays to understand what Control 4 can do to help you lower your costs and also be more Green. Control 4 is a system that you can completely customize to fit the needs of your business and home.

You may want to focus on being energy-efficient and still have your house stay cool. I know that here in Florida we have times of the day when it feels as though our skin is going to melt off… but with Control 4 you can make your home stay cool without having to get up to adjust window treatments. Another great advantage is the Goodnight feature. You can set your home to be a certain way when you sleep, without having to leave the comfort of your bed. Parents can use the Intercom system to wake their children up and to also let them know when dinner is ready.  Control4 Wireless Music Bridge allows you to stream music from any device into any area of the house, without having to plug in a single device. Can you imagine having the ability to enter your home, swipe a personalized key fob, and have the house change itself to your unique settings?

The video below is just the beginning of things you can automate using Control 4.

With Control 4’s capability to adjust settings you are never locked into one way of setting scenes for your home.  You can program different scenes for morning, evening, summer, winter, anything to suit your day to day needs.  You can also program Control 4 to alternate lights and settings in your home while you’re away and you can check on your home remotely via your smartphone, tablet, or any internet-connected device.

Control 4 makes the possibilities almost endless. So feel free to take a peek and also visit our page. I promise you it’s like having your own Jarvis.

Control 4

Written by Jonnie Dee Izzo